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Polish Villa Part Two

Location: 10835Harlem Road, Cheektowaga, NY  14227

Phone:  822-4908

Price: $  10.45

Ambiance: As soon as you arrive at the Polish Villa Part Two, you easily realize this is a old time family polish restaurant.  The Art work on the outside of the building is continued inside with similar etchings on the glass area that separated the bar from the Hostess area.  As we were waiting to be seating, we talked to the people in front of us on line.  A man and his Mom, they were regulars at the Polish Villa Part Two as well as the original Polish Villa on Union Road.  They were both very friendly and interesting to chat with.  This atmosphere continued thought the restaurant.  At one table there were 4 guys playing cards as they ate and appeared to be having a great time.

The restaurant was very comfortable and inviting.  We asked the waitress to tell us about the place.  She informed us that the building has been there for over 30 years and that the Kutas Family owns the restaurant.  The the Dad runs the Union Road location and the Son runs the Harlem Road location.

The restaurant closed for a few years about 6  years ago, and although it's now open, they only are open on Friday Nights.  On Saturday's they operate as a banquet hall doing weddings and other events.

Service: Our waitress was very good.  She took our orders and provided appropriate drinks.  My husband wanted to know what their most popular  beer was.  After a discussion about the beer He was told it was a Polish Beer, so that is what he ordered.  I had a diet soda.

Food: My husband order the "Famous Fish Fry" while I deviated from my normal fish fry to try their Stuffed Haddock.  When I saw the fish fry delivered to a near by table I was disappointed that I had made the selection that I did, but I was lucky that my Husband let me have a taste of all his meal.

We were both disappointed to see that they used "processed" french fries.  Personally, I am not a fan of french fries made from mashed potatoes.  The meal has a wonderful appearance, but the fish was not very crispy and the batter was bland.  We were told that they did make their own beer batter and use "flat" light beer.    The fish was  fresh and good.  We were delighted to see that the traditional three sides were served with the fish, and all tasted fresh and homemade, but were a little bland.

My meal, pictured to the left, was not what I expected, although it was good.  I had the Stuffed Haddock, stuffed with crab meat and spinach.  I did not expect the tomato toppings on the meal but it was good.  I was also surprised to have the mashed potatoes served with the gravy already on it,  I would have preferred to have had it on the side but it was good.  I also had green bean.

Recommendation: I would recommend The Polish Villa Two for a Fish Fry.  They had many wonderful attributes and rated right in the middle of the field.

Three Fins

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O’Daniel’s Gin Mill & Grill

Location: 1305 Abbott Road,  Lackawanna, NY

Phone:  716-675-6456

Price: $  9.99

Ambiance: The exterior had a inviting look and was very welcoming.  The inside was very typical of a Buffalo Bar, it was full of people, had booths across the front with windows to the road.  The tables and bar area were all one room, resulting is a very loud environment.

Service: Our waitress came to our table quickly and took our drink order.  She returned to take our dinner order, she was friendly.   Our service was good, except when we were ready to leave, it took a long time for the waitress to arrive with our bill

Food: We were immediately disappointed with our meal.  The fish was very greasy, it even had a shinny appearance.  The Potato salad was very "eggy" and was not very good.  The macaroni salad was ok, but very runny, but the coleslaw was good.   The fish was the most bland fish I have ever had, I asked the waitress what kind of fish it was.  She told me it was Cod, that did explain why it did not taste right.  The traditional Buffalo Fish Fry is always Haddock.  It was very greasy and not crispy at all.   The french fry's were the highlight of the meal.  They were crispy and very good.  I did not eat much of my dinner.

Rye bread was served at the table but it was quite dry.

Rating: 1  1/2  fins

Recommendation: I would NOT recommend O'Daniel's for a fish fry.

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To be reviewed at a later date.  We went there on 10/1/10 but the wait was 1 1/2 hours at 8pm.  That was too long for us  :(

64 Jackson Ave.

Lackawanna NY

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Pearl Street Grill

Location: 76 Pearl Street Buffalo NY

Phone: 716-856-2337

Price: $  9.49

Ambiance: Pearl Street is a unique and wonderful restaurant, the building is a old factory type downtown building and has a lot of character.  They accepted reservations which is unusual for a Friday Fish Fry in Buffalo.  This is a large building with lots of seating and has a wonderful atmosphere.

Service: The service was very good.  Our waitress knew all the beer choices for the evening and was also able to let us know about some new items not on the menu.  After taking our orders she visited our table often enough to take care of refills or any other needs we might have.

Food: At first I was disappointed when our fish fry was delivered to our table because we the platter did not have rye bread or a macaroni or potato salad.  Our french fries were not the typical french fries but were a very crispy steak fry and were very good.  The Fish was battered in their own light house ale batter and was very crispy and excellent.

Rating: 3.5 fins ( only because of missing the salads and bread)

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