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Town & Country Family Restaurant Alden

We did not like the Town & Country Family Restaurant in Alden and it received a 1 fin.


We visited this restaurant before we started doing formal ratings with photos, and reviews.


We are adding it on our site because we really wanted to keep a log of all the places we have been in the past 2 years.


Lucky’s – Elma NY

Location: 3400 Transit Road, Elma NY

Phone:    668-9843

Price: $  12.99

Ambiance: This was a very nice, clean dinner type family restaurant.   It reminded me of the old fashioned diners but was fairly modern.

Service: We were seating upon arrival by the owner.  Our waitress was not particularly friendly but she did take good care of our needs.

Food: We were disappointed that the fish fry offered was not the typically fish fry for Western New York.    We had a choice of salad or soup,  and there were none of the typically salads served.  There was no rye bread, but we were presented with two rolls when our drinks were served.

Our fish was not good at all.  We were both very disappointed.  It was greasy and did not have any taste at all.  The French Fries were not good either, they were the manufactured kind out of mashed potatoes.  The Cole Slaw was fine.  I did not eat all of my meal and I had no interest in taking the left overs home.

Rating: 1  fin

Recommendation: I do not recommend Lucky's for a fish fry and I would not return

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