Buffalo Fish Fry Reviewing any diner, dive, or restaurant that serves fish fry's.


Wallenwein’s Hotel, East Aurora NY

Location: 641 Oakwood Ave, East Aurora NY 14052

Phone:  716-652-9801

Price: $  9.99

Ambiance: Wallenweins is located in the Village of East Aurora in a Century old building and they have added a large front porch for outside dining with a roof over head.  The night we were there was a beautiful Buffalo night and there was no seating available outside so we ate inside.  We were a bit disappointed that they did not have any air condition on but there was plenty of seats available.    The decorations inside the restaurant have a sports theme, including turf from the Buffalo Bills Stadium.  The building is old but claims it's own charm because of it's historic value.

Service: We did not have to wait for seating inside and the waitress was quick to take our orders.  Our waitress took good care of us, she was efficient but not overly  friendly.  Although it took quite a while for our food to arrive at our table, it was very hot and worth the wait.

Food: We both ordered the Beer Battered Fish Fry with French fries.  It was served with a slice of Rye bread, coleslaw, macaroni salad and french fries.  The salad were very good and it was nice to have the slice of Rye bread served with our meal.  The Macaroni salad was very good as well and our fish was excellent, it was very hot, very crispy, the fish was tender and tasty.  The batter used for the fish was particularly flavorful.  I don't know what beer they used but the flavor came through very well.

Recommendation: I would recommend Wallenwein's for a fish fry, it very good and the location is fun


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Sorrentino’s East Aurora NY

Location: 142 Grey Street, East Aurora, NY  14052

Phone:716 655- 4646

Price: $  12.99

Ambiance: Sorrentino's is a local Italian restaurant.   It was decorated in Buffalo theme sports theme.  There were also lots of family photo's on the walls.  The Booths were made too like like a patio with a canopy over them.  There were also tables throughout the restaurant.  It was bright and clean.

Service: When we arrived our neighbors were there enjoying their dinner and they introduced us to their waitress.  They are regulars they were so happy to make sure that we were welcomed.  The waitress who showed us to our table asked if we minded a table in the back, which was fine by us.  The table was a bit odd  as it was at the end of the row of booth but we were very comfortable there.

Food: We ordered Diet Soda and it was great.  After last weeks experience with soda at a different restaurant.  We both ordered the Friday Fish Fry.  When it was served it was HUGE.  We had one and a half pieces of fish, macaroni salad, Rye Bread and cole slaw.  There was so much food that I took it home and had it the following day.  The Macaroni salad tasted homemade and was very good.  The coleslaw was excellent too.  The fish was crispy on the outside but very moist and tender on the inside.

Rating: 4  fin

Recommendation: I would highly recommend this location for a Fish Fry and I would return again.

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East End Grill & Taproom:

Location: 701 Main Street  East Aurora, NY

Phone: 716-655-0550

Price: $  13.00

Ambiance: It was a wonderful summer evening and we wanted to go to a place with outdoor seating.  East End has two seating areas.  They have a covered porch area and a open patio area.  We were on the open pation enjoying the weather.  It was a very enjoyable evening.

Service: We were very lucky that we did not have to wait for a table.  We were seated immediately.  The Hostess we quick with our drink orders.  Our waitress was attentive and efficient.  Our meal was served quickly.

Food: We ordered Onion rings to share.  They were very good, the batter is made with a honey type beer batter.  The fish is also made in this type of batter, which gives it a interesting flavor.  Our meal was served with a slice of Rye Bread, cole slaw, tuna Macaroni salad and  french fries.

Rating: 4 fins

Phone:  655-0550

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Ice House – East Aurora, NY

Location: Elm Street, East Aurora, NY  14052

Price: $  12.00

Ambiance: Bar area near the front door packed with regulars,  main dining area was a bit old.  Old fashion Ice tongs on the wall were a nice touch.

Service: Friendly

Food: Battered fish was average quality, somewhat greasy. Fries were crisp, hot & good. The “all you can eat” salad bar consisted of the normal side salads served with most Buffalo fish fries. Coleslaw, Macaroni Salad, and Potato Salad. They also had hot German Potato Salad, and a Soup of the Day, which was not very good.


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