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Sawyer Creek Hotel

Location: 3264 Niagara Falls Blvd, North Tonawanda, NY  14120

Phone: 716-694-2168

Price: $  13.00

Ambiance: The hotel/restaurant is old and quaint.  I had been there before but not for a Friday Fish Fry and was happy with my food so we decided to try this for a Fish Fry.  I did have high expectations and was most disappointed with our visit.  We arrived around 6 and the wait was said to be about 40 minutes for a table.  We went to the bar for a drink during our wait which was challenging because  the bartenders were more interested in conversation with the regulars than taking our drink orders, but we finally were able to get a drink.  Since it was a beautiful evening after a rain we decided to enjoy our wait time on the covered porch.  This was great until a group of smokers came out and lit up their cigarettes and since we were down wind of them their smoke came directly at us.  We moved and luckily were seated shortly after that.  Our disappointing evening continued with poor service,  after out meal was served we did not see the waitress again.  The place was crowded so I can only figure that our experience was not the norm for this establishment.   I am not interested in returning.

Service: The service was not good.  The waitress was not attentive and we had to wait a long time for drink refills.

Food: The fish fry was not very good.  It was like frozen Prepared fish and not crispy or "fresh" tasting.  There was no potato salad and no rye bread.

Rating: 1 fins

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East End Grill & Taproom:

Location: 701 Main Street  East Aurora, NY

Phone: 716-655-0550

Price: $  13.00

Ambiance: It was a wonderful summer evening and we wanted to go to a place with outdoor seating.  East End has two seating areas.  They have a covered porch area and a open patio area.  We were on the open pation enjoying the weather.  It was a very enjoyable evening.

Service: We were very lucky that we did not have to wait for a table.  We were seated immediately.  The Hostess we quick with our drink orders.  Our waitress was attentive and efficient.  Our meal was served quickly.

Food: We ordered Onion rings to share.  They were very good, the batter is made with a honey type beer batter.  The fish is also made in this type of batter, which gives it a interesting flavor.  Our meal was served with a slice of Rye Bread, cole slaw, tuna Macaroni salad and  french fries.

Rating: 4 fins

Phone:  655-0550

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