Buffalo Fish Fry Reviewing any diner, dive, or restaurant that serves fish fry's.


Fontana’s Ogden Bar & Grill

Location: William Street, Buffalo NY


Price: $  12.99

Ambiance: Fontana's is located at the same site as the "old" Billy Ogdens.  This is a older family run Italian restaurant with a decor reminiscent of  the 1960's .  When you  enter there is a  good size bar,  although there were few people there.   The dinning room was off to the side of the bar and it was a typical Italian restaurant with the red and while checkered tablecloths.  We arrived quite early at 5:30 and there was no wait time to get a table.

Service: Our waiter was a young man who   attempted to make a few jokes. while taking our orders.    Our drink order were taken promptly and we placed our orders quickly.  Tonight we were enjoying dinner out with friends and the restaurant was easy to have a conversation without excess noise.

Food: We ordered battered fish fry's and  one of our friend had broiled.  The fish was served  on very large printed plates.  This was unique to any of the fish frys that we have had so far.  Our Fish was very good;  tender, fresh, crispy and tasty.  The macaroni salad was different that I have ever had before.  I am not sure what the unique flavor was but I really enjoyed it but my husband did not like it at all.  Rye bread was not a option but we were offered a nice basket of fresh Italian bread.   The cole slaw was good too.

Rating: 4  fins

Recommendation: I would return to this restaurant and I would recommend this place for a fish fry.

<-------------To the left is the Broiled Fish

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The Aud Sports Bar and Grill

Location: 6036 Transit Road, Depew, NY 14043

Phone: (716) 685-5665

Price: $  9.99

Ambiance: The Aud Sports Bar & Grill is a average bar and grill for Buffalo.  There was a small dinning room off to one side and a fairly large bar area.  This bar also has live entertainment with a small stage to the back.  The bar was quite loud and difficult to have a conversation.  There were lots of TV's that could be viewed from many different locations with ease.

Service: We arrived at around 6:45 and the wait time for a table was to be about 15 - 20 minutes.  That was acceptable and we went to the bar for a drink.  We were dinning with some friends and it was nice to have a drink together before having dinner.  The waitress was energetic and took good care of us.

Food: The fish selection was  broiled, beer battered or Breaded.  Between the four of us we had two battered, one breaded, and one broiled.  Our friend who had battered said his was good.  A "safe" fish fry, not exceptional not bad, the Broiled fish was said to be good.  Our battered fish could have been cooked longer.  The fish was tender and good, but the batter was not cooked enough on the inside.  The outside was crispy.  They had rye bread, cole slaw and macaroni salad.  All were good.

Rating: 3.5  fins

Recommendation: Although I was not thrilled with my dinner it was acceptable.  For WNY it was just average.