Buffalo Fish Fry Reviewing any diner, dive, or restaurant that serves fish fry's.

About Buffalo Fish Fry

My husband and I decided about a year ago to go to a different place each Friday in the Buffalo Area for a Fish Fry.  This was been very fun and also very entertaining for us.   After we shared our stories with our friends we were encouraged to start a blog and track our experiences.  This is the begining of that journey.

Each week we will continue to go to a new place for our Friday Fish Fry dinner and we will provide our experience.

We hope you enjoy!

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  1. your reviews are helpful. please review some places in amherst/tonawanda

  2. Love the site. Will recommend to all my friends. outstanding job, for sure. You have to “hit” North Buffalo/Hertel ave. Adam’s Rib in Snyder (Main & Harlem) has a great fish fry. hope to see you soon!!

  3. We have been back in buffalo about a year and a half. We have been trying different places ourselves. We have our favorites,being from this area. Keep up the good work.

  4. Two place’s to try-Franks at Broadway and Bowen in Lancaster.
    -Mr. Bills at Cleveland Drive and Dick Rd. Cheektowaga.
    We are fond of both, also Peter Calieri and I are cousins.

  5. We have been to Franks, I have to look to see if I did a review of it. It was GREAT! We have been their twice, and both times were fantastic. I will have to put Mr. Bills on my list.


  6. You should check out Mandy’s and Mackie’s in West Seneca. Mandy’s has one of the best Fish Fry’s around. I also like Mackie’s because of all the sides you get.

  7. Would love to see reviews of McPartland’s and BWs! Great site!

  8. Went to Curly’s on Ridge Road in Lackawanna—Excellent

  9. We have been to Mandy’s and were happy with the fish fry. We went there before we started doing the posting online. We will be sure to go back and do a formal review.

    BW’s is also on our list, we will get there soon!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  10. I did not know that Curly’s had a Fish Fry. I will be sure to add it to our list.

    thanks for the feed back!

  11. My wife and I had the same idea but were miffed to find that you had already taken the domain name we had hoped to build a similar experience upon. Anyways, you’ve got an excellent start on documenting the Buffalo Friday Fish Fry experience. My only complaint is that you’re not spending enough time in the Northtowns. Being from Kenmore, we tend to stay in the North Buffalo area on Friday nights. Our regular place for a great fish fry is Curry’s on Kenmore Ave. Would love to hear what you have to say about this place. You might also try Pappa Jakes on Elmwood and the Amherst Ale House at Crosspointe. Keep frying!!

  12. …aside from the fish fry, I think you need to also comment on the selection of beers available. After all, what’s fish fry without a good brew. I personally liked the selection at MJ Morrisey’s. They are one of the few places that have Southern Tier IPA,,, my favorite. Although it was in the bottle rather than on tap, it is still a good drink. Curry’s has Bass on tap which in my estimation a very good beer.

  13. Thank you for your suggestion about reviewing beers. I will have to leave this area up to my Husband as I don’t care much for beer. I will add a section and will update as to the selection of tap beers and the review of them. We will also add Curry’s to our list of restaurants to visit.

  14. We do live in the Southtowns, but we are willing to travel North of the City to find new experiences. We will add Papps Jakes to our list as well as the Amherst Ale House. Thanks for the post!

  15. Any chance you’ll be dining in the Village of Hamburg? I know there are a ton of restaurants serving up the traditional Buffalo favorite. Mammoser’s, JP Fitzgerald’s, O’Brien’s Smokehouse, Buffalo Street Grill and others!

  16. I have been to most of the locations listed. I will have to go back and check my reviews because I know I reviewed O’Briens over the summer, we were just at JP Fitzgeralds two weeks ago, and to Mammoser’s a year ago. I will update my reviews. Thanks for the post!

  17. Check us out at the Elma Towne Grille! 6650 Clinton Street (corner of Bowen), Elma, 651-4619. We serve fish frys every day!!

  18. Hey, great site! I hate trying a new place to be disappointed. You guys need to try Metzger’s on Seneca (East of Union) in West Seneca. One of my favorites! Just may be the next 5 finner on your list!

  19. Try Wiechecs on Clinton St in Buffalo Kaiser town we’ve been going here for years and always have a great meal bread or battered. The french onion soup is a great starter.

  20. We will put this on our list of places to visit! Thanks for the post!

  21. You have to try Srtikers in West Seneca!! Yes I know its a bowling alley but they have a sports bar attached with the best fish fry ive ever had. We are also a fan of Swannie house in Buffalo

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